Term and Conditions
Below are the details of the terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. When you sign the booking form you (and any other person on whose behalf you book) agree to accept all of these conditions, you acknowledge that you have read the all booking conditions. You also warrant that the information given by you on the booking form is complete and true.

WILDTREK activities are open to any person with suitable mental and physical health, willingness to cooperate with the other participants and guides. WILDTREK is obliqued to provide safe equipment and experienced and trained guides-attendants, who follow all the safety rules. Despite adherence to strict safety rules, use of the best equipment and selecting the safer routes, outdoor activities entail the risk of accident or death and participation in them requires awareness and acceptance of this risk. Participants are also advise to have an active life insurance policy. European Union citizens are advised to carry their health-insurance card with them. 

Bookings - Deposits - Cancellations - No-shows

Bookings: For any booking to be valid, the client must pay a deposit equal to 30% of the participation fee within 7 days. The fee is payable via money transfer in our bank account. In case other suppliers are involved (hotels, mountain huts, restaurants etc), then their own payment and cancellation terms shall also aply. 

Cancellation: If the booking is cancelled for any reason up to 60 days prior to the start of the programme there is a refund of the entire fee. For cancellation up to 30 days prior to the start of the programme there is a deduction of 50% of the participation fee and for cancellation in less than 7 days before the start of the programme there is a deduction of the entire programme fee. 

Non-Shows: deduction of the entire participation fee. 


Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realize and accept the risks and hazards potentially involved in adventure holidays and that you are mentally and physically capable of undertaking your chosen trip. You must tell us if you have an existing medical condition or disability that might affect your holiday before you book the holiday. If in our reasonable opinion, your chosen holiday is not suitable for your medical condition or disability we reserve the right to refuse your booking. We reserve the right to cancel the contract if medical problems are discovered.

If registering multiple individuals or groups in the programme, the representative of the group assumes liability and is responsible for ensuring that all the members complete the entry form and informing all members about the conditions of participation and about what the equipment required. 

Changes to the programme

WILDTREK reserves the right to modify or cancel the programme prior to departure, due to safety or force majeure reasons (such as unsuitable weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes or other abnormalities). The entire ammount paid is refunded in the event of such cancellation and participants may not request any further compensation. 

WILDTREK guides-attendants are obligated to carry out the programmes in accordance to the relevant safety rules. They are also entitled -at their sole discretion- to modify a programme in progress and implement an alternative one, if it is necessary for safety reasons. Any additional costs incurred shall be charged to the participants and any withdrawal due to no-acceptance of the alternative programme shall not constitute grounds for compensation for non-rendered sevices. Moreover WILDTREK guides are entitled to prevent any participant from taking part in a portion of or the entire programme, if his/her behavior endagers him/herself or the group, or if he/she does not observe the rules and instructions; this shall not constitute grounds for claiming compensation. 

Data Protection

We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. When you make a booking, you consent to all the information you provide being passed on to our suppliers, wherever they may be based.

Participants are photographed and filmed during the activities. This material may e used in all WILDTREK promotional means (brochures, website e.t.c.). If you wish to not appear in the company's promotional material, please notify us in writing.