Reaching the top of Mt Olympus is a serious task: it involves some scrabling and no fear of heights is necessary. You don`t need any special climbing ability or training, but hiring a mountain  guide is highly recommended. 

For those who are confident enough to hike up until close to the summit, but wise enough to hire a guide, we offer semi-guiding service, from the refuges to the Muses Plateau to the top and back. 


For more experienced hikers or people who seek something different when they climb a mountain or for those who need a more personalized trip, we offer custom-made trips, upon request. 

Just tell us what you dream about this trip and WILDTREK will create an itinerary just for you. 

From classic routes, such as international E4 path to remote hikes, we have the experties to create the perfect experience for you. 


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Mount Olympus, Greece

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